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A Side Note on Fair Gaming Practices of Online and Offline Casinos

One armed bandits is an interesting term we all come across when we learn about casinos and the games we can play in them. The term one armed bandit has reference to the fact that, traditionally, a slot machine will have a lever where players pull to get the game going. There is actually more to it than just a simple reference to the lever you pull on when you play casino slots.

There are reasons why the term "bandit" is added to the "one arm" terminology when speaking of slot machines. There are people who have speculated that some slot machines in a land-based casino (mechanical or modern-day computer operated ones) may have been rigged to make the players win less.

Everyone will also come to know that the gaming machines you find in a land-based casino are tested if they comply with fair-gaming laws and practices. The discussion on fair-gaming practices has never ceased and is still ongoing today.

Of course, today's discussions involve questions about our modern game machines. Everybody knows they are computer operated. We know that the combinations we see on the screen are generated by a random number generator. But that has also raised questions on the fairness of these written programs.

Physical gaming machines in a land-based casino can be rigged. The computer chip in any gaming can be replaced by rigged chips with RNG's that are programmed not according to standard. There are those who even go on to say that there is a magic switch that casino operators can flip on or off just to make things favorable for the house or not. But it all still begs the question whether a casino is willing to break the law just to earn a little more. The fact is, the house edge is already on the side of a casino, will they be willing to risk it just to gain extra?

Online casinos are not exempt from all these speculations on rigged RNG's. The software used by online casinos undergo certain technical system testing. The RNG is only a part of an over all system that includes it along with other parts of the casino web site like the visual effects and a database that holds customer information.

If online casinos are indeed better that the land-based casinos when it comes to fair practices, one may ask why are there online casino blacklists? The existence of such blacklists alone proves that Internet casinos are also subject to the same flaws with respect to fair practices.

What we can do as players is to check if an online casino has been blacklisted due to a violation of fair gaming practices. We also ought to be aware of the news regarding the many land-based casinos. Knowing that the random number generator used by a casino is legitimate is important to fair gaming practice.