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  1. A Side Note on Fair Gaming Practices of Online and Offline Casinos
    It is often questioned if a random number generator is rigged thus violating fair gaming. But there are helpful tools to deal with this issue.
  2. Are Random Number Generators Really Random?
    There are three models of random generators. Today we have what is known as pseudo-RNGs. These are routinely tested to comply with standards.
  3. Essential Facts About Random Number Generators
    We need to know the facts about random number generators. We'll get a better perspective on modern gaming machines and it aids our game approach.
  4. Introduction to Random Number Generators
    Random number generators are at the heart of today's casino gaming machines. It works like your home computer but just focuses on your favorite game.
  5. Mechanical Reels and the RNG, a Comparison
    Random number generators replace the mechanical reels of slot machines. We're no longer limited to a machine's size and still get the same excitement.
  6. Pseudo-Random vs. True Random Number Generators
    Any random number generator has strengths and weaknesses. Though most have settled for Pseudo-RNG's, True-RNG's have benefits that are worthwhile.
  7. Random Number Generator Questions and Answers
    You may have asked what random generators are there, their function, and reliability. Answering these questions helps along when we deal with RNG's.
  8. Random Number Generators and Slot Machines
    A random number generator is the heart that makes our modern day slot machines interesting. Understanding it helps us know how to beat slot machines.
  9. Rules and Regulations Covering RNG's
    Random number generators must perform according to certain standards set by the state or territory. These rules make sure that game results are fair.
  10. Slot Myths and the Random Number Generator
    Understanding how random number generators work clears up slot urban legends. If we know the facts about RNG's then we can tell what is fiction.
  11. Video Poker Facts that Players Have to Face
    Understanding facts on random number generators clear up video poker myths. Check the next video poker misconception you hear against the truths.
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