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Slot Myths and the Random Number Generator

There have been many slot urban legends and myths that have come up along the way ever since slots have hit the big time and garnered a following. These myths didn't just go away even when modern slot machines have taken the scene and computer generated winning combinations using a random number generators (RNG) have run most of these games.

Mixing legends with scientific technology just doesn't work out. In order to get over slot machine urban legends we may have to contrast them against how an RNG selects your winning combinations. One thing is for certain - we should never let superstition overcome your winning possibilities.

Our first slot machine urban legend says that we should always play two hours straight on every slot machine. The scenario for this myth even continues as that player should have won the jackpot only if he stayed since the guy who played after him won the jackpot a minute later.

We all know that RNGs work in fractions of a second. It doesn't matter if you sit five minutes more or three hours straight. There is no set time when a slot machine should come up with the jackpot combo. When you press the spin button on the exact nanosecond when the RNG generates a winning combination then you win, if not then you don't win.

Next misconception is to sit in a slot machine that just made the previous player a winner. Of course, our first impression would be to try our luck where someone else's proved well. Unfortunately this is just another loose end that we need to tie up. The answer to this slot myth will be the same one that goes for our previous slot urban legend. We really can't tell when exactly will the RNG make the winning combination, so we just have to try our luck regardless if the other guy won just a few minutes ago.

Next slots urban legend goes to say that there are certain casinos or online casinos that you would simply have to avoid because their slot machines or online slot games are rigged. This slot urban legend is true and may also be false. It is true that casinos can rig their slot machines so they pay less. The other half of this issue is that either casinos or Internet casinos undergo regular inspection.

A casino will be risking a lot if they change their computer chips on their slot games. Online casinos can be blacklisted and will lose a lot of current and future customers.

If we understand how random number generators work then we can easily dismiss slot myths as fiction. Knowing the truth about RNG's clear up the many slot urban legends.