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Random Number Generators and Slot Machines

Beating the slot machines of today will surely require an understanding of random number generators (RNG for short). If you want to understand what makes either an online or offline slot machine tick then you would have to deal with RNG's and how they work. The RNG can be either a program or a program function (i.e. the ones usually used on Internet casinos) or a computer chip (i.e. the ones found in a physical slot machine today).

The job of an RNG is to randomly select numbers from zero to let's say a million or billions, depending on how the RNG is instructed to use such sets of numbers. The numbers generated will then be divided, which usually depends on a predetermined formula. The amount that is left after the process of division will then be equal to one stop on the slot machine's reels (or virtual reel if you're playing online).

If it sounds complicated, don't you worry because all that is done in a fraction of a second and you don't have to worry all about it since it will all be done by the RNG. To make things simple let's put all that into the slot machine gaming perspective. Let's see what happens when we play a slot machine on the Internet or in a brick and mortar casino and see how the RNG works its way through the game.

When we play the old mechanical slots all we have to do is wait and see which figures will the slot machine reels stop on. Today, we put money into the slot machine and press the spin button. What we don't really see is the RNG working in the background.

Even before you placed money into the slot machine, and even while no one was playing the slot machine, the RNG continuously does its job generating a random set of numbers. When you place your wager into the slot and machine and then press the spin button, whatever number the RNG has in that precise moment will be used to select the symbols to be displayed on your slot machine's display screen.

The RNG has become a miracle for us - with the its help we now have hundreds of new games never before possible to design using mechanical reels. There are now more bonus features, more winning combinations that can be made because of our modern day computer systems. All this has added new dimensions to our slot gaming sessions.

It is important to understand how a random number generator works. This dispels myths and helps us figure out how to get better slots gaming sessions.