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Introduction to Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators (or RNG's), what they are, and what they do are key pieces of information that we all should know next time we scope out the game machines in our favorite online casinos or whenever we play our games online. Misconceptions about RNG's have lead to myths on just about every game machine played in a casino.

When you look at a casino gaming machine, be it slots, video poker, or any other thing you really like, what you have in front of you is simply something much like the computer system you have at home. Your gaming machine will have a video screen, some buttons (or a lever) you can press and play your game. The only difference is that the casino gaming machines are designed for only one specific purpose - to play your game and award you your money whenever you win.

Like your computer at home, your casino gaming machine also has a microprocessor. We're familiar with using our computers to check our e-mail, surf the net, write letters and papers for work. The gaming machine works like that, only that it executes your game instead of working all those functions. Along with running your favorite casino game, the gambling machine also an RNG.

The RNG is the part of the gambling machine's system responsible for generating the combinations you see on the screen. It does this function as if in perpetuity even if the gaming machine is on standby with no one playing it. It just keeps creating random sets of numbers within the range of zero to approximately four billion. The outcome of this operation is used to select which cards or symbols on the screen to display.

The RNG uses a series of instructions and a mathematical formula to generate the random numbers. The math behind it is not your average arithmetic but both the mathematical formula and the set of instructions can and are tested to comply with standards of fairness. Your casino gaming machines (and the games you play on Internet casinos) undergo routine testing by Casino Control Boards or an independent technical system testing company.

Is it possible to predict what numbers come up on the screen? Unless you're a really powerful psychic, then your answer is no. There have been so called slot systems that have been claimed to give 100% profit but if one understands how an RNG works then we can honestly say that these are just a hoax.

RNG's have brought us a new dimension of gaming since we can now design gaming machines without the limit of the physical size the machine. We are now able to produce games that have more bonuses, progressive jackpots that pile up to millions, and other fabulous winning opportunities.

Random number generators are the hearts of our modern gaming machines. The next time you face a casino gaming machine you know what makes it tick.