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Random Number Generator Questions and Answers

Random number generators are part of a larger system to generate the gaming environment we experience when we play today's gaming machines. Since people don't generally dwell on such ideas as a computer generating randomness and all we ever wanted was to play our games we sometimes tend to ask questions about RNG's. We will answer some of the questions about RNG's and how they relate to our favorite games like slots or poker.

What are the basic types of RNG's out there? Basically, there are two types of RNG's, these are software RNG's and hardware RNG's.

A software RNG is a computer program that generates random numbers. Software RNG's are also known as pseudo-RNG's. These are the most common RNG's we can find that is used in today's gaming machines and on the Internet. There is a misconception that assumes that software or pseudo-RNG's are inferior or produces inferior results when compared to hardware RNG's.

The truth is that if you measure the results and applicability for everyday use it would all boil down to how the RNG is designed. A software RNG when sufficiently designed works splendidly for gaming applications. But if a software RNG is poorly designed you can expect that it will produce biased or predictable outcomes.

Hardware RNG's are physical devices like an electronic card that produces completely random output. Hardware RNG's produce absolutely random numbers. These devices will come as a physical device that can be plugged into a computer and would not depend on an algorithm to produce random results thus it is impossible to create predictable results. Hardware RNG's are not subject to the limitations that software RNG's are subject to. One drawback of Hardware RNG's is that since these are physical devices, they will be subject to wear and tear. You can expect these devices to breakdown in time whereas software RNG's remain intact.

Does an RNG already know the results of the different stages in online Texas Hold'em Poker? An RNG is usually designed to shuffle the deck when it comes to card games like Texas Hold'em Poker or Blackjack. Part of the RNG's job is to assign the values of the face down cards in the initial dealing. Some gaming systems have incomplete games stored so that current games can be continued in case of power failure.

Is there a way to check if an Internet casino's software has been tested? Yes, every legitimate online casino is required to have their systems tested by a certified independent testing company. The online casino should have their electronic certification accessible and displayed on their site so customers can review the document.

These are questions about random number generators that will come up a lot. Knowing the types of RNG's, their function, and reliability keep us at peace when dealing with them.