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Essential Facts About Random Number Generators

When we play the modern slot machines of today we often wonder what makes them work since we all know that today's modern slot machine won't have actual reels spinning inside it. Then we come across a term that might seem too technical (or at least fuzzy in a way). We get to ask, " random number generator (RNG for short), what's that?"

We'll go through some essential hard facts about RNGs, which will definitely change our perspectives about our modern day gaming machines.

The first thing we need to understand that an RNG replaces the reels on a physical slot machine. We all know that the spin of the reel in the earlier slot machines is perfectly random. That is a really wonderful part of the game, unfortunately it also limits how many games we can make out of physical reels. We are limited to the physical size and space occupied by the reels when designing the games we can play.

Mechanical reels have been replaced by computer simulated virtual reels. To generate the random spin of mechanical reels, RNGs select the winning combinations at random. We are no longer limited by the physical space available on a machine since the RNG is nothing more than a computer chip (or a program contained in a computer chip, depends on how you look at it).

The RNG is the brain behind slot machines, video blackjack games, video poker machines, video keno, and other modern day gaming machines we find in a brick and mortar casino. In fact, RNGs are the heart of every casino game we play online. It randomly shuffles the virtual decks we use in Internet poker or whatever online card game we have played.

Every RNG used in casinos (offline or online) are tested and certified to comply with standards set forth in a state or territory. Part of that standard is that the game machines (and, of course, the RNG) should set minimum winnings or paybacks. The performance of the RNG is regulated and tested in a regular basis.

RNGs never stop producing winning combinations, that means even when no one is playing on a gaming machine the RNG will still make winning combinations every fraction of a second. It doesn't matter how much money you put in a machine, or you have your club card in, use hot or cold coins, play minimum or maximum credits, the RNG will just keep doing its job. If you make the winning combination at that precise time (i.e. nanosecond) then you win.

RNGs are really random in a short span of time, but if you measure the output overtime you can see a certain consistency. That having been said, there are loose and tight machines.

These essential facts about random number generators will give us a better perspective about our modern gaming machines. This information will aid us in our gaming approach next time we play our favorite game.

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