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Video Poker Facts that Players Have to Face

Anyone who has ever played video poker in a casino or in the comfort of their own homes through the Internet will benefit from differentiating the myth from the truth about this game. Being able to distinguish video poker facts from video poker fiction requires an understanding of how a video poker machine works. That would usually include understanding the functions of a random number generator (or RNG for short).

Understanding the functions of an RNG clears up myths about video poker machines and video poker games on the Internet. We'll cite an example of a myth that can be cleared by simply understanding video poker facts.

To set the facts straight, we first need to realize that a video poker machine works pretty much like any other slot machine we see on the Internet or in a land-based casino. Both a video poker machine and modern slot machines have RNG's to do the job of randomly choosing the combinations that will appear on the screen. A video poker machine may not have any physical cards in them but the virtual cards are shuffled by a computer running an RNG.

The virtual card shuffling (like the spinning of the virtual reels of today's slot machine) is independently done by the RNG. The RNG is independent of the other functions of the game like assigning your credits, paying you your winnings, giving you points on your club card, making the visual effects on the screen, etc.

Understanding these facts about the RNG will help us overcome a video poker myth that was rampant in the 90's that hold that if you make higher bets in a video poker machine, chances are that you get really bad cards. Though making smaller bets that really fit into the size of your bankroll is wise gambling money management, it isn't right to base that idea on this misconception.

As we know, the RNG is independent of all the other functions of the video poker machine (or game, if you're playing online). Receiving your bets and assigning your winnings is a totally different function or procedure that is not in any way connected with the job of an RNG. The RNG will not know if you bet $50 or five dollars. That also goes true if you think the RNG can tell if you put in coins into the machine or just used a ticket or notes.

Understanding the functions of random number generators sets the facts straight when it comes to video poker machine misconceptions. Next time you get a tip that a video poker machine is hot or some (other wild tale) you'll know if it's true or not just by knowing these facts.